Use Of A Medication As A Powerful Ally Essay

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Insight There is a sad reality to a life of coping with pain and limitations brought on by RA/PsA, and all too often Patients feel they are at the mercy of their disease. Piled on top of this is that their internal struggle is often fought alone. Benefit The idea that a medication can work hard for RA/PsA Patients by protecting their joints is interesting and helps harness the aggressive nature of the Biologic (their current perspective on this class of medications). Strengths The idea of a medication as a powerful ally helps reframe the limitations of their current DMARD. Most saw their DMARD in a new light after reading this – it helps maintain the status quo of the symptoms of the disease (sometimes), but it doesn’t fight for them. Weaknesses Medication that attacks the RA/PsA that is waging a war inside them is an interesting visual, particularly to men. But the visualization of a disease ravaging the body and a medication that can attack back and fight on behalf of Patients is generic and could apply to any devastating disease. The core idea was not directly attached to irreversible damage and as such, this wasn’t seen as the big benefit of the treatment. Instead, the concept was more generically about an RA/PsA medication that could fight on behalf of Patients. The aggression in the idea confirmed perceptions that Biologics are aggressive treatments, but it wasn’t directly linked to the ultimate symptom they want to fight, and so the idea stayed focused on general
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