Use Of A Token Economy Increase Running On Command Of A Child With Down Syndrome

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Use of a Token Economy to Increase Running on Command Of a Child with Down syndrome
Brooke R. Mize
Texas Woman’s University

Abstract: Children with Down syndrome typically have increased behavioral issues associated with their disability due to the disabilities’ phenotype. Introducing a token economy system was proven effective to increase the amount of running in the subject. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a token economy to increase running on command of a child with Down syndrome. Having a token economy system in place, allows better stability and repetitiveness in their daily lives. This essentially helps the student maintain behavioral control and the maladaptive behaviors are less likely to happen. A five week token economy behavioral program was implemented and included earning tokens (up to five) per session to exchange for up to five minutes of computer time. The results drastically changed from pre-intervention to post-intervention by 80%. Every task was completed and when asked, although there were still minor reoccurring behaviors that needed correction. When implementing a token economy it is still important to manage the smaller behaviors in order to increase the amount of physical activity completed per session.

Introduction: Children with Down syndrome are at an increased risk for behavioral issues due to factors including characteristics associated with the Down syndrome phenotype, increased incidence
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