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1. A. Cars can use Artificial Intelligence to “park themselves” and “automatically brake”. B. She believes AI can reduce CO2 emissions by telling if people are within a house and automatically changing the thermostat based upon that. It can also be used to check temperatures online and adjust the household temperature based on that which we release less emissions then keeping the AC or heater running all day. 2. In the article taken from Why Can’t My Computer Understand Me? Gary Marcus suggests that AI are not advanced enough in communication to live up to their potential. He is relevant to this argument because he is a credible professor of psychology with a focus on linguistics. A mastery of linguistics is needed by him to make…show more content…
Later, he explains why the example question “Joan made sure that she thanked Susan for all the help she had given” was relevant. He explains that its answers rely in “human subtleties” , “sentence construction” and “social interaction”. While he thoroughly explains why this question is relevant in a strong way, he fails to use logos to support this explanation making it weaker than if it was backed up with past studies or statistics. He also introduces the key word “anaphora” and defines it. This helps paints him as a knowledgeable man, and it appeals to the reader by thoroughly explain what he means by it instead of covering argument flaws with an elevated vocabulary word. Sometimes Marcus uses irrelevant information and hypotheticals. For example, he brings up the search for “right handed man” which receives many images of “right handed actions, while searches for “right- handed- man” brings up images “golf clubs, key chains and coffee mugs”. The comparison although interesting does not lend itself well to the argument because humans would never spell it or communicate it like that anyway. Therefore, this example seemed like a stretch. His closing statement of “trying to rival human intelligence by programming computers will never work because computers cannot cope with the complexities of the human mind” is clear and concise giving off a tone of

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