Use Of Bandages - Original Writing

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Everything hurts. No one taught me how to use bandages, so I tried my hand at improvising, which did not work unfortunately. I had bite marks and wounds all over my body, But as time passed, I grew weaker, and weaker until I had fallen asleep, neglecting my wounds.

"Get up!" And with only those words, I spring up from my bed, knowing the voice clearly and what the consequences would be if I did not follow precisely. I did not hesitate. "Your training begins. Follow me" he exits, and I scatter to find my weapons, bringing a worn out dagger, a short sword and a buckler. I depart with great speed.

"May I ask where we are headed?" As I ask my adoptive father, he stays silent... Staring off into the distance, and he points forward to the great volcano In the distance...

"There... You will fight a demon hound." Surprised and terrified of what he said, I stay silent. Knowing the fact that, getting terrified and scared will only petrify me and get me killed. That much I know.

After walking for a very long while, we reach the boundaries of hel, the heat destroys my confidence of even the thought of scratching my opponent with my blade. But on the other hand, Andour, my father, does not seem to care either way. It is as if the heat does not affect him.

"remove all fear that you have from your body, and the heat will not burn you. Show fear while inside, and the flames with burn you alive. Keep that in mind." And without a moments notice, he continues his walk towards the
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