Use Of Barcodes For Tracking Purposes And Easy Access For Information

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Barcodes are used on a regular basis now days. We usually see barcodes in stores we shop at. The products use barcodes for tracking purposes and easy access to information. RFID refers to Radio frequency identification uses radio frequency to track products using tags and this potentially might replace the use of barcodes. The main idea that distinguishes RFID from barcodes is that the product doesn’t have to be in line of sight to be detected. A product can be tracked within up to 100’s feet of range and thousands of products can be read simultaneously. Also, RFID can detect products without human assistance as opposed to someone physically scanning barcodes. But, the question is why RFID technology hasn’t been a part of the mainstream…show more content…
In 1960s, RFID began to advance which led companies to use the technology for anti-theft purposes. Electronic article surveillance tags uses radio waves to find out whether a customer had paid for the item. When someone tries to walk out with an item that wasn’t paid for, it gets detected by the reader at the door resulting an alarm. In 1973, the first US patent was issued for an active RFID tag. A RFID tag is saved with a unique numbers which gets broadcasted by a card with the transponder. Therefore, the door would unlock when the reader detects the unique number from the RFID tag. This technology was licensed to different companies, mainly door lock makers. The US government started using RFID to track nuclear materials in the 1970s. The department of Agriculture expands the passive RFID technology to mark cows. The cows were fed with various kinds of medicines and hormones and it is so hard to track how many doses each cow received. A passive RFID solved the problem of cows not getting overdosed through the use UHF radio waves. After, smaller transponders were created that could be injected under a cow’s skin. They still use this technology in cows now days. These low frequency transponder is also used in readers for building access. Later, the commercializing of high frequency enabled companies to have faster data transfer and more range. “Today, 13.56 MHz RFID systems are used for access control, payment systems (Mobile Speedpass) and
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