Use Of Bearings And Its Impact On Society

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The use of bearings has been emerging in the society for a few years now. It is a lot more common to see people use bearings to find angles and work out where an object or area might be located. The use of a compass is also key in finding bearings as the compass shows the true north and from there the bearing of a point from another point can be calculated. It is key to always begin facing north is the bearing calculated is to be found in the true north format. The use of the Geographic Coordinate System is also a common use in society, this system uses two sets of numbers (longitude and latitude) to locate and identify every single spot of the Earth to a certain extent of decimal places. This is the most commonly used system to plot the coordinates of a place on Earth, it is also the most accurate system known to humanity. The purpose of this investigation is to use bearings in everyday life. gain a deeper understanding of bearings and see a few examples of how bearings are used in daily life will be explored as a demonstration. The aim of this investigation was to be able to determine where a spot is located in comparison to another through the use of bearings and geographic coordinates. Once this investigation is complete it is expected to be able to use bearings to determine the location of another point from the base point and draw a reasonably accurate diagram of where that point lays. Also it is expected to be able to use bearings to connect three points and work out
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