Use Of Birth Control And Contraceptive For The Set Of Regulations

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In this paper I will argue that Plato would not agree with the use of birth control or contraceptive for the set of regulations he establishes concerning sexual relations and the family in the Republic. Plato’s disapproval for the use of birth control would muddle his goals because it would lead to interference regarding how the guardians will enforce and maintain control over the city. For example, Plato’s Socrates claims that the guardians would need to control how groups of women and which groups of men would best fit together to produce the best children. Since, Socrates doesn 't believe that sex should be random both for practical reasons and moral ones birth control would not help his goals in establishing sex control. In addition…show more content…
Socrates claims that this is necessary because men and women might be tempted to succumb to their appetitive and spirited nature. Though he acknowledges that in many respects men and women have different natures, he believes that women are more appetitive and need to be carefully self-controlled. “All these women are to belong in common to all the men, that none are to live privately with any man… “132d.” Socrates establishes that the guardians would be responsible in helping to tame a women’s appetitive state by controlling her rights to know her child and controlling who she has sexual relations with. Given this is important for the guardians to carry out because it would make sure that women who are sexually active would not violate the city’s rules by producing unhappy children born without safety and precaution. Now, I will argue that if contraceptives and birth control were available the guardians could not help furnish Plato’s goals. First, it cannot be ignored that the differences between men and women were socially unnatural and defined through a lens of sexism, in which men assumed superiority over women and maintained it through domination. After examining Socrates’ claim that men and women’s sexual relationships should be controlled by the guardians is

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