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Q1 Use Case TWP: ATM System USE CASE 1: Session Use Case Brief Description: This use case depicts how a Bank Customer uses an ATM to withdraw or Deposit cash into their bank account. Actors: The actors in this use case are the Bank Customer and the Bank. Preconditions: This ATM system requires that there be an active network link to the Bank and that the ATM has available cash to dispense. Basic Flow of Events: The use case initiates once the Bank Customer inserts their ATM-Card into the machine’s card reader slot. The ATM pulls-in the card to read it. (In the event the card cannot be read owing to a damaged strip or improper insertion, the card is ejected, an error page displayed, and the session is aborted.) The Bank Customer is requested to input their PIN. A use case validating the user is executed and the Bank Customer is then allowed to carry out one or more transactions e.g. Check Balance, Withdraw or Deposit Cash. After each transaction, the Bank Customer is asked whether they would like to perform another transaction. Upon completion, the ATM-Card is ejected and the session terminated. However, if a transaction is aborted owing to too many invalid PIN entries, the session is aborted as well, with ATM retaining the card. The Bank Customer may at any time abort the session by pressing ‘Cancel’ to exit a transaction and return to the main menu. USE CASE 2: Withdraw Cash Transaction Use Case Brief Description: This use case depicts how a Bank Customer uses an

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