Use Of Cell Phones While Driving

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Americans rely heavily on cell phones to perform daily activities. Cell phone are used for phone calls, email, sending text messages, surfing the internet, and performing other tasks. It is unfortunate that many of these daily activities occur while a person is driving. As a result, an increase of accidents and fatalities have occurred because of the use of cellular phones while driving. Using a cell phone while driving is an epidemic that has taken our nation by storm. Most drivers believe they can safely drive a motor vehicle while using their cell phones. The United States government must put an end to the use of the cell phones while operating a motor vehicle by taking action with laws prohibiting the use of these devices while operating a motor vehicle. There are three main points which supports the banning of cell phones while driving. First of all, by using the cell phone while driving, the driver will experience visual distraction which takes the driver 's eyes off the road onto the cell phone. Secondly, the driver will experience a physical distraction by having to release the steering wheel to attend to the cell phone. Lastly, the driver will experience a mental distraction which takes the driver 's mind away from their full concentration on the road. By banning the complete use of cell phones while driving a motor vehicle, our government would undoubtedly save lives. Background Prior to cell phones, Americans never had to deal with the negative effects caused

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