Use Of Comparative Data System On National He Policy Making

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IOs use comparative data system to collect and analyze data to influence national HE policy-making
IOs collect and analyze data to support policy research. The OECD, with its strong policy research capabilities, publishes Education at a Glance each year to compare data in specific regions through its comparative data system. Through comparative data analysis, with indicators to assess efficiency and quality of higher education situation in member countries, policy makers easily understand what is the ideal outcome of the policy. This sets a target for policy implementation. Although the members of the OECD are the most advanced countries in the world, some developing Asia countries also view the OECD’s comparative data result as the goal,
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However, it changes to be a problem when policy makers see it as an evaluation standard rather than an advice. Some scholars argue that the statistic data is apparently objective, however, it neglects the differences in various countries. It may lead to meaningless competition among these countries. To win the regional competition, government may change its policy, which students and teachers suffer.

IOs act as sponsor to provide loans to influence national HE policy-making
The World Bank exerts its economic means to provide developing countries with loans to help them reduce poverty and promote development. The World Bank focuses on Global South, especially Africa, offering “champion education” to “Africa’s fast-growing youth population” (World Bank, 2014). The loans support the policy implementation with adequate funds, giving young people more opportunities to access to education, offering universities more funds to maintain the quality of higher education, and attracting more talents to devote themselves in education career. However, the loans are with conditions. Only when the countries accept the conditions and obey the rules, formulating the policy based on the World Bank’s requirements and the ideas that the World Bank advocates, can they receive the funds assistant. This severely violates the sovereignty of the nation. From this view, the World Bank is acting as a dictator, pushing down its ideas, piloting in the
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