Use Of Competency Of A Nurse

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Making small changes in units sometimes lights the spark that can promote critical thinking, aim for competence, affect the whole system, and can bring quality in care delivery. Quality improvement processes help to identify issues and barriers in care, design safety techniques to prevent errors in the future, and provide patient-centered care in terms of individual needs, differences, preferences, education, and coordinate care depending on the health needs of that individual (IOM, 2010). Nurses make up the largest workforce in the healthcare system and have the privilege to play a leading and fundamental role in the transformation and initiation of changes in the field. The use of competency of a nurse, especially the use of communication, knowledge, technical skills, clinical reasoning, emotions, values, and reflections in practice, brings quality outcomes and improvement in care delivery (Rubenfeld & Scheffer, 2015). Patient-centered care is intertwined with quality and safety; to achieve high quality and safety, nurses have to understand the complexity of the work environment and engage in strategies to improve situations. Competency and knowledge of professionals play a major role in quality improvement. Effective, safe, timely, efficient, and equitable patient-centered care to customers bring quality to the nursing profession.
A Desired Practice that Could Improve the Quality of Veteran’s Care Veteran care plans and continuity of care should
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