Use Of Computer Based Information System

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The use of computer-based information system has become part of the everyday life in the health care sector and, thus, emerged mobile health or mHealth, this covers “medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices, such as mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other wireless devices.” It also covers, applications, frequently called “apps”. These, together with sensors, can be used to measure vital signs such as heart rate, blood glucose level, blood pressure, body temperature and brain activities. Other examples of applications can be, medication reminders, fitness, and dietary recommendations. There are a diverse set of mobile apps offering healthcare services. This permit to…show more content…
And, thus, that evaluation will allow understanding if the potential it is being fully availed. But the utilization of an evaluation method, cannot precede a risk analysis. The risks show the most critical areas and which need urgent intervention. And this is a cycle, an ongoing process to identify, mitigate and remediate cybersecurity risks. In fact, the frequency and severity of medical device risks are escalating as devices proliferate and cyber attackers turn their attention to vulnerable environments. Medical devices represent a target for cyber threats due to a combination of two factors: • New technology-enabled, networked, and interconnected medical devices are being introduced. These advanced devices increase clinical effectiveness, but open up new attack vectors and cyber risks; • Despite these innovations, there are often not secure, and poorly managed. With the development of this new context, the organizations will start to feel the need to implement some new controls, starting, thus, to expand a little more their information security program. The security of the information of the patients has to be ensured, as the mission and reputation of the organization. But we can’t just build a security program, called it good, and go home. It is necessary a way to assess the effectiveness of the work, identify deficiencies, and prioritize the things that still need work. We also need a way to
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