Use Of Critical Thinking During The Simulation

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Post-Simulation Work 1. Discuss how you used critical thinking during the simulation scenario. During the simulation I needed to make quick decisions on what to do and how to help. I was the float nurse during the simulation so my job was to help any of the other nurse, staff. There were several times during the simulation that a child was crying or screaming so I had to think on my feet to help them. One example was when I was helping patient number 3, she has started to choke so I held her up so that her nurse, Rylie, was able to suction her without problem. After we suctioned her she stopped crying and seemed to be less irritated. When helping with patient 1 I need to explain to her how to use an incentive spirometry. She is only 7 years old so I needed to explain how to use it at an appropriate level. I used to colors to help explain and let her tough it to help her feel comfortable. During the simulation I was jumping from room to room helping the patient and nurses so I need to keep my prioritizes organized and help the nurses as much as I could. 2. Discuss the prioritization of care in detail for the pediatric patients. The main priority for all the pediatric patient was to make sure they are getting enough air. They needed an open airway. Without an open airway nothing else matters. To help with the patients airways we monitored their O2 sats and if they were low we made sure to apply oxygen, and continue to monitor their sats. Once oxygen was applied we worked on
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