Use Of Deontology And Its Effects On The United States Only Behind Car Accidents

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Firearm deaths are second in deaths in the United States only behind car accidents. “Our Hearts Are Broken” was the headline after the massacre of Sandy Hook elementary. 20 young children were killed in this viscous attack but the death toll was 27 including faculty and staff. The truth is that school shootings are becoming more common and occur pretty often. These enraged students carry out plans of mass murder is simply freighting. With faculty able to carry concealed firearms on school property the benefits will out way the negatives instantly. According to deontology carrying a concealed weapon on campus is ethical because there will be more protection provided and a massive decrease in casualties involving shootings, but also a decrease in occurrence in non-weaponized violent acts. Deontology or also know as Deontology ethics is an approach that is taken that determines the goodness and rightness of a specific act or rules and duties that a specific person has to perform. Deontology is the complete opposite of consequentialism. Consequentialism is the where the outcome of an act has a major influence and not the actual act itself. In better words it is what comes after the action that is made and not the action itself. As for deontology an action can be considered right or something acceptable even if the outcome of the action is something bad. A perfect example for deontology would be “ do onto others what you would have them do onto you.” This is just something that
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