Use Of Description Effectively By George Orwell 's ' An Inspector Calls '

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1.How doe he use description effectively? Give a couple examples of powerful use of language Hedges uses description effectively and helps shows the reader what he saw, heard, taste, smelt and even touched during his own experience as a war correspondent in Latin America. One quote that stood out to me, he states “ I have looked into the eyes of mothers keening over the lifeless and mutilated bodies of their children, and I have stood in warehouses with rows of corpses…” He clearly established that the war is more than its portrayed to be. It becomes more eye opening to know, that innocent woman and children are dying helplessly due to others greed, paranoia and selfish acts of defending. He effectively provokes emotions of shame, guilt and sadness because of the imagery he provides, as though the bodies of those dead do no matter, if they are not of our own. Another example comes from describing the physical appearance of a woman. He states “Her cheeks were hollow, her hair dry and brittle. Her teeth were decayed; some had broken into jagged bits.” This is a great example of powerful language because it describes how the physical being of the people have deteriorated due to the lack of resources used for hygienic routines like, taking a shower, washing your hair and brushing your teeth. 2.How does he define friendship vs. comradeship? What do you think of his distinction between friendship and comradeship? Hedges described comradeship as only something we feel in war

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