Use Of Discussion As An Instructional Method

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I would use discussion as an instructional method because it is a great interactive learning tool and facilitates listening, teamwork, confidence, critical thinking, critical listening and critical reading. Moreover, classroom discussions can help students sharpen their communication and speaking skills. Classroom discussion helps to dispel myths and preconceived prejudices about others and students tend to develop mutual respect for one and others. Above all, discussions foster better understanding as students share their “take” on the subject, additional knowledge is shared. Hence, discussions require keen listening skills. I would say from my personal experience, classroom discussions opened up my own understanding on many subjects and helped me to navigate toward “right” thinking. The best way to express my love of this teaching method is to tell the story of how much I hated it when I started Mercer University. My second semester at Mercer, I had surgery and had to take two online classes. This was when I was first introduced to the discussion method. As with most things new, it was frustrating. It grew more challenging because the responses that I had to reply to did not make sense 80% of the time. Many of the students did not write very well and we were required to respond. It was extremely difficult to respond to something that did not make sense. So, I became a critical reader. I made sense out of nonsensical writing and responded to the students

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