Use Of Force And The Police Force

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The Use of Police Force
Police encounter different situations in their daily activities. The diverse nature of the circumstances implies that the members of the police also have to adopt different strategies of handling them. In some circumstances, the police have to use force as a way of addressing the situations. Unfortunately, when the police apply their own discretion in the use of force, the outcomes of this approach may end in fatalities or serious injuries. In recent times, diverse opinions have emerged in relation to the use of discretionary force. In some quarters, the use of discretionary force has been hailed as beneficial while in other case such as the 2008 Shooting of Tyler Cassidy, concerns have been applied concerning the appropriateness of the strategy. Against this backdrop, this essay examines whether the police use of force is a necessary component of the job and describes the benefits and limitations connected to the discretionary use of force by the police.
A striking aspect that differentiates the profession of policing from other forms of professions entails the legal authority bestowed upon the police to use force should situations call for it (Greenfeld 2012). According to 2009 Victorian police data, the situations involving the use of force was encountered in every 2.5 hours and for every 49hours, there was a critical incident related to the use of force by police (Office of Police Integrity 2009). These statistics show that at some point, the…

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