Use Of Force In Law Enforcement

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Introduction In policing the use of force is an ethical issue for law enforcement because officers may have to use force while doing their job. Police officers are given both state and federal law to use force if necessary as peace officers. The fourth Amendment discusses seizure of person or persons in relation to use of force. Use of force by law enforcement officers should be in accordance with five lawfully recognized objectives; Self defense, defense of others affect an arrest or detentions; Prevent an escape and overcome resistance. Peace officers are given discretion on laws, practice, and policy as the officer's perception and knowledge at the time of the incident. Discretion gives police officers authority to make decisions about constitution laws, policy and practice knowing that judgment is very important.
Ethics, Use of force & 4th Amendment Public perception plays a big role in the ethical issue in law enforcement and citizens are concerned about the use of force. Police officers should only reasonable force that is necessary. Use of force is to be used depending on the facts and circumstances acknowledged by the officer at the time of the incident to get it under control. Police officers must have the responsibility and must maintain a high regard for human life. Officers should also keep individual responsibility. Public perception of police officers is critical and it is important for officers to maintain professionalism at all times. Use of force by
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