Use Of Gibbs Reflective Model ( Gibbs.1998 )

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This essay uses Gibbs reflective model (Gibbs.1998), to discuss my communication with a relative of a gentleman admitted to the ward I work on. To maintain confidentiality, (Confidentiality Policy.2014), I will use the pseudo name Mr Brown.

Mr Brown was admitted to the ward from the Emergency Admission Unit, (EMAU), with a chest infection. He also has Alzheimer disease and can no longer care for himself so he has been resident in a nursing home for the past two years. His only relative is his daughter, Miss Brown, who accompanied him to the ward. She appeared angry and upset with staff, complaining that she was unhappy with his treatment and did not want her father sat out of bed unless he was given one to one care. She argued that even though she had repeatedly told nurses on the EMAU that he had fallen at the nursing home, after being left in a chair, unattended, they ignored her and he fell again after being left alone.

For several days, she harangued the doctors and nurses at every opportunity about the poor care the NHS had given her father. She continually wanted information and test results from the nursing staff and the doctors, insisting that they stop what they are doing, often during the doctors round or while nurses are giving out drugs. If there were no results, then she insisted that blood tests, x-rays and scans were done. She was very much in what would be known as the, Critical Parent mode according to Transactional Analysis.
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