Use Of Homomorphic Techniques For Cloud Computing Security

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USE OF HOMOMORPHIC TECHNIQUE IN CLOUD COMPUTING SECURITY:A REVIEW 1Ravneet Kaur 2Er.Harmandeep Singh 1M.Tech 2nd year(CE)Comp.Engg. Dept 2 Assistant Professor(CE) Comp.Engg. Dept University College Of Engg. University College Of Engg. Punjabi University Patiala,Punjab(India) Punjabi University Patiala,Punjab(India) 2 Abstract:Cloud computing is a paradigm in which services (Iaas,Paas,Saas) are rented to the user as per demand.But data security is main issue when we are using public cloud service provider.whether the confidential data kept on the central storage on cloud is secure? when we transfer data to cloud we use standard encryption tecnique to secure the data. But when we have to do computations on data stored on cloud then we have to decode data i.e provide private key every time which is not a secure method.In this paper we are introducing a technique which allow us to do computations on encrypted data which is kept on cloud on remote servers without need of any private key and without decoding it.Result of computations will be same as computations performed on raw
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