Use Of Hydraulic Fracturing For A Drinking Water Well Was A Time Bomb

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Snap Crackle Frack DIMOCK, PA -- Norma Fiorentino’s drinking water well was a time bomb. For weeks, as workers drilled natural gas deposits nearby, stray methane worked into tiny crevasses in the rock, leaking upward into the aquifer and slipping quietly into her well. Then, according to the state’s working theory, a pump turned on in her well house, flicked a spark, and caused a New Year’s morning blast that tossed aside a several-thousand-pound concrete slab. Afterward state officials found methane, the largest ingredient of natural gas, in her drinking water. Drilling for natural gas has caused explosions, polluted aquifers and even burning water. (Lustgarten n. pg.) Ninety percent of natural gas wells in the United States use hydraulic…show more content…
“Accidents, spills, and leaks have polluted rivers, streams and drinking-water supplies to unsafe levels. Hydraulic fracturing is exempt from key federal water protections, and federal and state regulators allowed unchecked expansion of fracturing, creating widespread environmental degradation. Due to inadequate numbers of state and federal inspectors wells go without inspection or oversight. (Thompson, "Hydraulic Fracturing Should Be Banned." n. pg.) Substandard well encasements failed and the toxic chemicals and gas seep into the water table. A study by Duke University showed the following results “They found that, on average, methane concentrations were six times higher and ethane concentrations were 23 times higher in samples from homes within a kilometer of drilling. “The methane, ethane and propane data, and new evidence from hydrocarbon and helium content, suggest that drilling affected homeowners’ water,” said Robert B. Jackson, a professor of environmental sciences at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. (Thomas H. Darrah n. pg.) Filling, emptying, and loading trucks with waste-water stored in open pits adjoining the well, to point out, creates potential for leaks and spills when disconnecting and connecting discharge lines. With little or no oversight, not reporting incidents, resulting, in behavior that does not try to prevent future incidents and dismisses reporting them

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