Use Of Language And Communication Usage

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Language has affected us throughout decades by progressing and setting limits on the words used and the way people speak. It has allowed people to express themselves through not only actions, but with words. Also, as people grow and develop they learn new concepts referring to language and communication usage. For example, they learn ways to write more sophisticated, the effect of words, and the purpose of language. When understanding a new concept on language or communication usage important considerations need to be made the modern English student.
Connotation of words is an important consideration because of the feeling the word may create and the idea of verbal taboo. When people use words such as “crippled” or “queer” a feeling of uneasiness or shock arose because those those words aren’t socially acceptable to describe people in those situations. This is because the words are generally perceived as rude or disrespectful. Instead, people use words like disabled or part of the LGBT community because they are neutral and aren’t disrespectful. For example, in the article On Being a Cripple Nancy Mairs says, “People crippled or not wince at the word ‘cripple’ as they do not at ‘handicapped’ or ‘disabled’ I want them to see me as a tough customer... ‘Disabled’ by contrast, suggests and incapacity, physical or mental... I would never refer to another person as a cripple” (Mairs 233). When people use the world cripple they “wince” because of the negative connotation the word
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