Use Of Language And Concepts Depicted Throughout The Spirituals And The Blues

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Expression is imperative to the human condition and is the primary reason why music has managed to subside throughout the centuries in various forms. For many, music extends beyond rhythm and beat, and is a means of communicating one’s experiences and narrating those experiences to their comprehension of the world. For African Americans, music was a symbol of cultural identity and a way to translate the daily oppressions they were forced to endure. Insight and evidence into this is depicted widely throughout the Spirituals and the Blues, where the hardships of slavery and troubles associated with being African American are greatly expressed. While African American music has evolved and new genres have sprung into existence, differences in the ways that they communicate and express themselves have arisen. However, some aspects have remained similar and language usage has demonstrated a correlation between the two. The songs “Soon I Will Be Done” and “Trouble in Mind” demonstrate how use of language and concepts depicted within the Blues emits evidence to its emergence from the spirituals. In the spiritual “Soon I Will Be Done”, the writer discusses how the sufferings and difficulties that they are momentarily facing will transcend into a distant memory due to the hope that is near. This hope is evidently God as the writer clearly states “Soon I will be done with the troubles of the world. Going home to live with God”. Throughout the Spiritual, the writer’s circumstances are…
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