Use Of Making Helpful Decisions Toward The Environment

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Throughout the planet, there are multiple scientific based concepts that exist. Many scientific theories are constantly being developed on a daily basis. However, one scientific concept that humans throughout the planet should take into consideration is the concept of being environmentally beneficial, or in other words, the concept of being green. As the Earth is constantly developing, there are many changes constantly occurring with the ecosystem. This includes climate changes in the Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, in order to successfully maintain a stable ecosystem and to keep the planet healthy, humans across the planet need to participate by making environmentally friendly decisions. The use of making helpful decisions toward the…show more content…
Although, one of the methods that individuals can use is producing drinking cups in a way that will be environmentally friendly. A decision made by humans that will contribute to the logic of being green is participating in the production of paper cups rather than ceramic drinking cups. ”According to one LCA study, it takes 14 megajoules (MJ) of energy to produce one ceramic coffee cup. By contrast, it only takes about 0.4 MJ to produce one paper cup,” (Tinnesand 12). Based on this Life Cycle Assessment study, it shows how producing a paper cup will have better effects than producing ceramic drinking cups. So we may be willing to bear the environmental cost of reducing our use of these products because of other ways they impact our ecosystem,” (Tinnesand 13). According to these two quotes, they both critically show examples of how humans across the planet can do simple tasks to help maintain the planet’s proper health. These two quotes show the benefit of accomplishing environmentally friendly tasks to help maintain the planet’s stability by providing an example of an environmentally beneficial decision and its impact. Another decision that can be made by individuals across the World that will have positive impacts on the environment is the analysis of the type of material used to store beverages. Many containers can be disposable. Although, out of all of the types of material used to manufacture the containers, some will successfully
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