Use Of Manhunt : The 12 Day Chase For Lincoln 's Killer

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During Abraham Lincoln 's term in office as the new president, there were some differences between the free states and the slave states. Due to this it led to 7 Southern states seceding from the Union and forming the a new nation. The confederacy. The Union and the Confederacy were now at war. This was known as the Civil War. The people from the south or the Confederacy had chosen Jefferson Davis as president. The General of the Union was General Grant. The General from the Confederacy was General Lee. Both were great commanders of the armies. In this war only one would have to be the best---The Union.
James L. Swanson was born February 12, 1959 in Chicago, Illinois. He has written many books and is also an Edgar Award winner. One of his most famous books is MANHUNT: The 12-day Chase For Lincoln’s Killer. He has degrees in history and also in law from University of Chicago and University of California. Swanson has studied and collected books, documents and photographs from Lincoln 's life and death since he was young and serves on the advisory council of the Ford’s Theatre Society. I choose this book because this is a topic that is very interesting. The front cover of the book is Abraham Lincoln and one of my favorite presidents is Abraham Lincoln. A lot of events took place during his time in office as president and one thing that also kind of caught my eye was that this book is also about his assassination. His assassination is one of the most interesting events that
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