Use Of Manual Therapy Treatments For Patients With Neck Pain Essay

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Reviewer #3: Thank you for the opportunity to review this paper. The research question is valuable with respect to the use of manual therapy treatments for patients with neck pain. The ability to ascertain the effects of mobilization on blood pressure has not had a lot of attention and therefore the research brings new knowledge to the topic.
The outcome of the research indicating a reduction in systolic BP with a unilat PA mobilization is also of interest and in contrast to other research, even if this is a non neck pain group.
The paper is well written, the methodology clear and robust. The results are clearly presented and the conclusion is sound.
There are no typographical or grammatical errors that I could see.
Comment #1:
My only comment is perhaps the authors could discuss either in the introduction or conclusion a little more the relationship with blood pressure and vertebral artery insufficiency (VBI).
We agree that discussing the relationship between blood pressure and vertebral artery risks would be helpful. (“Introduction” section in the middle of page 5) Instead of VBI, we discussed the relationship between high blood pressure and vertebral artery dissection:
“This hypertensive phenomenon becomes increasingly relevant because it has been associated as a risk factor for vertebral artery dissection or VAD (Rushton et al., 2014, Pezzini et al, 2006). Notwithstanding, the overall incidence of VAD is approximately 1-1.5 per 100,000 (Lee et al., 2006,
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