Use Of Mobile Phones On Teenagers

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Abuse of Mobile Phones by Teenagers

Have you ever buried your face in your smartphone for hours? Have you missed out on events or told your friends you couldn’t hang out because you just wanted to stay at home and watch Netflix or play video games? If so, you probably have, or have previously had, an addiction to technology. The first Apple iPhone was only released ten years ago, and it is becoming a bigger issue for this generation’s teenagers. Teenagers are abusing modern technology it’s affecting them and others negatively because it encourages irritability and depression, discourages face-to-face interaction, and puts teenager’s privacy and safety at risk.
To begin, technology affects teenagers’ mindset negatively. First, it can result in a lack of chemicals, such as melatonin, a chemical triggered in your brain that helps you reach a state of relaxation. This can be faulty to a regular sleep basis of a teenager, and it can take away from the eight to ten hours of sleep that teenagers need, according to multiple studies. According to Dr . Lawrence J. Epstein, “People who have problems with sleep are at increased risk for developing emotional disorders, depression, and anxiety.” Not only does sleep trigger anger, but competitiveness does as well; multiple forms of social media support this idea that having more friends is better, even if you don’t know who they are. “The more followers you have, the more liked, respected and admired you are by your fellow peers. Some
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