Use Of Neuroticism On Self Esteem

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The Affect that the Manipulation of Neuroticism has on Self-Esteem. Life Satisfaction is rapidly becoming a greater issue that is being researched and tested in countries all over the world. Positive levels of life satisfaction is associated with positive personal, psychological, and social predictors considered in both the future and the present. (Marcionetti & Rossier). Positive life satisfaction can be a predictor for higher levels of self-esteem, greater knowledge of oneself, and a strong correlation of personality traits. “Moreover, self-esteem seems to be a mediator of the relationship between personality traits and global life satisfaction, suggesting that it might be considered as a process variable regulating behaviors, feelings,…show more content…
One’s self-esteem can change rather quickly depending on external situations such as your mood, relationships with others, and your performance in different aspects of your life. A study was conducted by Orth & Luciano to research the correlation between positive self-esteem and stressful life events. Orth & Luciano define self-esteem as “an individual’s subjective evaluation of his or her with as a person… self-esteem does not necessarily reflect the person’s objective talents, competencies, or social status” (Orth & Luciano, 2015, p.708). Orth and Luciano tested the possibility that the possibility that stressful life events influence one’s self-esteem but also the idea that self-esteem influences the possibility that stressful life events will occur. Self-esteem is an important area of study to test how vulnerable it is and how the strength of your self-esteem can be affected either positively or negatively by your personality. In testing the ability to manipulate self-esteem, it gives insight into how easily manipulatable one’s self-esteem is in an everyday life or situation. Sowislo and Orth conducted a study to test the vulnerability of yourself esteem and how personality traits can contribute to the fluctuation. When one has a vulnerable self-esteem according to Sowislo and Orth vulnerable self-esteem plays a large role in the future risk for depression. “For some individuals, self-esteem
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