Use Of Nonrenewable Resources On Energy Consumption

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Within the next several hundred years, scientists predict planet Earth will meet its demise if humans fail to change their methods of energy consumption (Stehr). Right now, 192 out of 195 countries are using nonrenewable resources as their main source of energy (Shahan). The problem with this is that coal and oil are nonrenewable resources meaning once they are gone, they do not get replenished. These fossil fuels also emit high concentrations of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when burned and expended. Not only does this fuel global warming and its consequences, but greenhouse gases also pose as a health hazard to humans everywhere. The most common type of harmful greenhouse gas is smog. Smog is produced when a set of volatile organic compounds mix with nitrogen oxide and sunlight at ground level. The nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds comes from a multitude of sources ranging from household items such as hairspray and paint, to heavy machinery like power plants and factories. At least half of the smog produced in urban areas come from motor vehicles such as boats, trucks, cars, airplanes, and buses. The most ideal environments for smog formation includes areas that have heavy vehicle traffic, hot temperatures, calm winds, and a lot of sunshine. The lack of wind is the most important factor as it can cause smog to linger amongst the tops of buildings for several days. Inhaling this toxic pollutant has been known to cause irritation to the eyes, lung cancer,…
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