Use Of Nuclear Propulsion Of Project Orion And Future Uses

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Research Paper 1
ESS 102
Scott An
Project Orion

Synopsis The purpose of this research paper is to explore the use of nuclear propulsion in Project Orion and future uses. Project Orion intended to use numerous atomic bombs for propulsion. The history of the project will be explained as it was short lived, but its technology led to new source energy for spacecraft, nuclear energy. Project Orion was meant to be used for peaceful purposes only, but it can also potentially be used as a weapon of war. The Sci-fi paper will utilize the technology of using nuclear propulsion and nuclear bombs. It will relate off the propulsion and orbital mechanics category. The story will be based on outer space weaponry and wars fought in space.

On October 4, 1957, in the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union launched the first artificial Earth satellite, the Sputnik 1. It was a low Earth orbit satellite with four antennas that emitted radio signals all over the globe. Although it only spent three months in orbit, the Sputnik 1 triggered the space race with United States since the final frontier was reached. With the moon being landed by the Apollo missions, interests to go to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn has been spurred. One of the most ambitious project initiated was Project Orion. It was a study on how to utilize atomic bombs as propulsion for space travel and exploration. This was one of the first spacecraft to utilize nuclear power, more specifically, fission fuel. Ultimately, Project…
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