Use Of Operations For A Hypothetical Manufacturing Company Named Precision

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Introduction The intent of this paper is to provide a description of operations for a hypothetical manufacturing company named Precision Plus Manufacturing (PPM). PPM manufactures high precision prototype parts or production parts for large customers. These customers manufacture diesel engines, aerospace, and medical implants. All of these customers require a high level of quality and parts delivered on schedule. Sometimes production must be subcontracted to companies that reside in other countries. PPM must understand the rules, policies, and cultures in these countries in order to manufacture parts for their customers. Production PPM produces parts that are designed by their customers. There is no design engineering that takes place at PPM. PPM will produce parts through one of three production lines; prototype builds, production runs, and 3D metal printing. Each line will have a supervisor and at least one management person from each support group assigned to the line. All three lines will operate as small business units. The supervisor will be responsible to set the budgets and guide the team to meet those budgets. The supervisor of the area will have a start up meeting each day to go over the results of the previous day and also what goals are important for that day. At the end of each day the supervisor will gather the production numbers and work with the logistics team to see if any shortages are present. If the numbers are short, then the logistics team member must

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