Use Of Our Knowledge Of Digital Forensics

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Digital Forensics Scenario
Supervisor – Mr. Ernest Foo

Use our knowledge of Digital Forensics to set up a challenge scenario. We need to set up and develop evidence that can be examined to determine a sequence of events. Scenarios can include disk forensics, network forensics and memory forensics or a combination of all.

Prasad Prasannakumari Sasikumar [n9065041]

The present period can be seen as the time of the digital revolution, described by boundless, simple to buy, and simple to utilize different digital gadgets that are getting littler and littler in size, progressively speedier, and have bigger capacity limits. We live in a world that is continually associated with the web which is
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The term digital forensics was initially utilized as an equivalent word for computer forensics however has extended to cover examination of all gadgets fit for storing digital data. Digital forensics examinations have a mixture of application. The most widely recognized is to negate a speculation before criminal or courts. The technical part of an examination is separated into a few sub-branches, identifying with the kind of digital gadgets included such as computer forensics, network forensics, forensic data analysis and mobile device forensics. The common forensic procedure incorporates the seizure, measurable forensic imaging and investigation of digital media and the generation of a report into gathered evidence.
The official time period for the history of computer forensic begin in 1984 when FBI magnetic media program was made. This system was later known as the Computer Analysis and Response Team (CART) which is still in presence today. It wasn 't until 1995 that the International Organization on Computer Evidence (IOCE) was shaped, and numerous criminologists and crime scene agents had the capacity join in the wake of preparing in the field of computer forensics. Since the mid-90s, the field of computer forensics has become quickly and law requirement work forces are frequently prepared in the field of cybercrime.
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