Use Of Pathos And Logos On Children

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BOOM! Now that I have your attention, take a moment and think of all the advertisements you have seen. There are few that you actually remember in relation to the thousands you have viewed in your lifetime. The advertisements that stick with a person have a certain “wow” factor, that captivates the viewerr and remains in the back of their head. The Learn for Life Foundation produced a commercial for their Set Yourself Free campaign. This ineffective ad was used to scare the teens of Australia away from the mistake of missing school, using pathos and logos as their means of manipulation. A group of friends in conservative school uniforms hop through a window and over a fence, to freedom. One of the groups companions pulls up to their point of escape in an old Volkswagen esques van, joyfully waving his buddies to get in. As the group enters the van two of their peers still trapped behind the previously jumped fence stare in disapproval and attempt to dissuade their classmates from leaving school. The video then cuts to the teens in their van cruising down the highway smiling, laughing, and trading their confining uniforms for liberating everyday clothes. After their trip down the freeway the group slips through an old, rusted chain link fence, in order to arrive at their final destination, the beach. The friends spend their time splashing in the ocean, lying in the sand, drinking alcohol, and giving lust filled glance to their significant others. Eventually one couple
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