Use Of Persuasion For Manipulative Purposes Essay

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People often use persuasion to get what they want by moving consciousness. This happens by convincing another person to take on a different attitude in their belief system. However, some people use persuasion for manipulative purposes while others use it to give direction and change their reality.
4.1 Persuasion techniques There are various techniques that people use to persuade others. This include; foot-in-the-door technique whereby the persuader starts with a small and easy request with the hope of extending greater requests. It is based on getting a small yes and eventually leading to a bigger yes. Another technique is the door-in-the-face whereby a person makes unreasonable bigger offers with the hope of getting the person to comply with a smaller counteroffer. This technique uses the power of quilt to ensnare a person to accept an offer. Other people create an appealing need as a way of persuading. This is appropriate for the needs of shelter, self-actualization, love, and self-esteem. Further, loaded images and words are also used in addition to the power of reciprocity.
4.2 Characteristics of the persuader, message, audience
A good persuader possesses deep knowledge about a subject matter on which they can convince a person. A knowledgeable person is seen by others as a valuable resource while a person who gets his facts wrong is frowned upon and finds it hard to persuade other people. Good persuaders are also good listeners in addition to being trustworthy. People

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