Use Of Porter's Five Competitive Forces Model

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The main objective of this assignment is to provide background information on a product or service that will be launched by an organization. The organization that we choose was Apple and the product that we are providing background information for is the new IPhone 6. In this paper, we will cover an overview of the organization, a description of the product, an SWOT analysis of the organization and offering, competitive analysis of the organization and offering to use Porter 's five competitive forces model, the criteria that we used to segment our market, a description of our target market, and the needs that cause our target market to buy including emotional and logical drivers. Lastly, we will have a written positioning statement that…show more content…
They also offer outstanding customer service by providing customers with technicians that can repair these items and teach you how to use them. The services are not limited to in store technicians they also provide online help and services like the iCloud which backs up data, the iTunes store for downloads of music and movies and lastly the App Store. Apple is an organization that has over 425 stores and is one of the largest publicly traded organizations. Apple was not always this incredible; as a matter of fact it has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Nearly every time that the company faced a restructuring because of losses it so happened that Steve Jobs was not part of the company at that time. In the 90 's the company underwent a series of bad restructuring and a lot of failed projects at this point Microsoft was taking over. In 1996, A new CEO was brought in and so was Steve Jobs slowly but surely the success started to rise fast forward to 2007 the birth of the most cutting edge smartphone brought Apple to a new level the iPhone. The iPhone helped evolve wireless devices to complete different levels.
The iPhone has evolved over the years from the first generation iPhone all the way to the much anticipated iPhone 6.The iPhone is a touch screen device that allows you to go much beyond the realm of calling and texting it opens a wide array of possibilities.
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