Use Of Propaganda During World War II

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Paul Klene Professor Brain Stokes History 122 6 December 2015 The Use and Impact of Propaganda during World War II The second most devastating global conflict, also known as World War II, left over 60 million dead creating panic and fear for citizens all over the world. During these hard times the citizens, dealing with a national crisis, needed something to give them hope that there will be betters days. Propaganda was used in political cartoons to release information that contained biased views and over exaggerations to gain support for the war. These cartoons gave hope to the people and also affected a majority of their opinions. Propaganda became used as a weapon during World War II to create nasty images of the enemy, get individuals to help support the war, to boost the confidence of people, and give them hope during hard times. In Germany, Hitler used propaganda to make his image superior to everyone else. His face and name were posted everywhere in newspapers, stamps, books, and on billboards. People in Germany during World War II could not escape his name. They were constantly harassed and told that Hitler was their ruler, and he was practically seen as a god. In the book, Hitler and the Nazis: A History in Documents, the author David F. Crew shows how Hitler’s mass publicity was created to be the image of authority in Germany. He says, “This visual assault was part of a larger attempt to create a public image of Hitler, a Hitler myth, which was often the very
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