Use Of Renewable Resources For Alternative Fuels

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Current transportation is heavily dependent on fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal. Petroleum based fuels such as gasoline and diesel fuel, the most commonly used fossil fuels, are causing increasing global concern because petroleum is a finite resource. This means that as the amount of available petroleum decreases over time, the need for alternative fuels will increase. This is an important matter because it affects global energy security, food security, the environment, and economies. With governments around the world attempting to cope with increasing greenhouse gas emissions, the world is turning to cleaner, more efficient energy use and the use of renewable resources to address air pollution, global warming, and climate change.…show more content…
With the global population continuously increasing, the use of farmland and grains for the world’s food supply will be competing with the use of the same land for biofuel production, which may lead to an increase in food prices around the world.
Global bioethanol and biodiesel production has significantly increased over the last 14 years. It is possible that biofuels produced from crops using conventional agricultural methods will increase the stresses on water supplies, water quality, and land use, compared to petroleum fuels. There would be agricultural competition between food crops and energy crops for resources such as land and water. Agricultural expansion due to increased prices of foods would place further stress on water supplies due to increased irrigation. Population growth, climate change, and natural disasters also place additional stress on water supplies, but these factors are already at play and natural disasters may be unpredictable (Koh and Ghazoul, 2008). Increasing biofuel production will affect the biogeophysical capabilities of soil due to changes in land use and may affect the nitrogen cycle due to increased use of nitrogen fertilizer (Delucchi, 2010). Recent research into using wood and grass for cellulosic ethanol production may be fruitful as most of these crops can be grown on agriculturally degraded land

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