Use Of Savickas ' Career Construction Theory

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The following case study will use Savickas ' Career Construction Theory. After finding himself unemployed after 27 years experience working in a local coal mine, the client has decided to go to school for some retraining; however, he does not know where to start. A brief history of the client 's case will be provided, along with an explanation of Savickas ' theory and some reasons why the theory has been chosen for the case. Finally, two interventions will be suggested followed by a description of how one of the interventions could be applied.
Paul 's Case The case study includes the following information. Paul is a 45 year old man from southern West Virginia who has been recently been laid off from his lifelong job in the coal mines. At 18, he graduated from high school and immediately went to work in the coal mines. Because of mine shutdowns or slowed production, he has experienced multiple layoffs. However, he always was able to draw unemployment, which never lasted more than six months, at which time he was always hired back at a nearby mine. Because of multiple mine shutdowns in the area, this recent layoff has lasted for almost a year. Due to his wife 's urging, Paul has enrolled in a local community college, but has no idea what to major in, let alone what classes to take. He has come to the career center at the community college hoping to get some direction in his career search. Savickas ' Career Construction Theory will be used to help Paul get on the
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