Use Of Social Media On The World

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You are driving in the car with your family, it is silent, and you are thoroughly intrigued in your Twitter feed. You decide to take a snapchat, instead of being present in the moment. You argue through text with your best friend, instead of meeting and talking it out. In our world today, technology is a necessity. Smartphones have given people the ability to connect globally, through apps, allowing us to connect to those we could not before. It may seem hard to believe, but technological communication was only apparent after the 1960’s. From letters that would take months to get to its destination, to now simply sending a text that will deliver in a matter of seconds. While face-to-face communication began to fade, the use of pigeon delivered letters became obsolete. Once technology was discovered, communication gradually transformed, and is still developing. With the world becoming so connected, being thousands of miles away is no longer a barrier. The overall use of social media is leading to the decline in face-to-face interaction. As technology begins to develop more, the less time we spend verbally communicating with one another. A recent study from USC Annenberg School, found that the percentage of people participating in less face-to-face communication rose from 8% in 2000 to 34% in 2011 (USC Digital Future). Even during the most crucial times, such as dinner time, many families substitute technology for conversations. Being subjected to this behavior, kids
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