Use Of Solar Light Energy From The Sun Into Electrical Energy Essay

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In todays economic state, our reliance on sustainable resources is paramount. With more than 7 billion people feeding off of the planets resources, we must create and innovate different technologies and methods to effectively use Earth’s natural resources without creating a carbon footprint. One of the greatest issues of our time surrounds the environmental impact humans are having on our planet and the major consequences in which we must deal with in order to save the planet. One technique that this paper will focus on is the use of solar panels to convert light energy from the sun into electrical energy. Brief History Solar technology can be dated all the way from 7th century B.C. Early uses included using reflective properties to direct sunlight to create energy (heat) to a specific area. In 1838 French scientist Edmond Becquerel discovered the ‘photovoltaic effect’ which involved an electrolytic cell submerged in a solution, that when exposed to light, created energy. This discovery made way for Charles Fritts (1894) to create the first solar cell, which consists of a coating semiconductor material with a thin layer of gold. This first solar cell was only 1% efficient so energy production was not viable; put into perspective, today’s solar technology is 46% efficient. Solar Technology and How it Relates to Green Construction There is two ways to convert sun energy into energy we can use: solar photovoltaic and solar thermal. Solar photovoltaic is the direct

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