Use Of Sound And Its Cohesion With Visual Elements

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This review is the examination of sound and its cohesion with visual elements in the movie Kill Bill Volume 1, specifically from 1:30:14 – 1:37:30. The Kill Bill trilogy does not follow a chronological sequence. This allows the viewer to meet the character first and then see how their experiences created who they are. In this final sequence, Uma Thurman as ‘The Bride’ is finally able to confront one of the people responsible for shooting her during her wedding ceremony while she was pregnant. She is able to fight her way through over 100 Yakuza gang members just to reach its current leader and another of Bill’s assassins O-Ren Ishii’. As The Bride fights her way to the final duel O-Ren she finally faces a well-rested Oren in a quiet Japanese garden with snow gently falling from the sky. The use of sound or lack thereof during this pivotal scene during the denouement of the film provides an interesting emotional response for the viewer. At 1:32:00 dueling music from the film El Mariachi is used, it uses a blend of rhythmic clapping and Spanish style guitar music with various fast changes in tone. As the opponents look at each other the horns kick it to very high gear. At 1:34:02 they immediately are silenced as soon as The Bride is first hit with a slice of the sword of O-Ren Ishii. This action initiates the complete silence as the bride falls down. The music ending seems to symbolize both the first real danger The Bride has been in and the fact that she has literally
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