Use Of Technology And Digital Devices

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School classrooms have recently been introducing the use of digital devices to enhance learning. In our current era, we are experiencing changing culture, society and technology causing convergence of old schooling methods with new digital methods (Jenkins 2006). Technology has become an important aspect in modern society, with lots of jobs requiring digital skills. It is essential to assess, if the use of technology and digital devices in classrooms improves children’s academic abilities? This research would be conducted using three qualitative methods, including focus groups, looking at how students and teachers view the use of digital devices in classrooms, ethnography using participant observation to assess how students and teachers…show more content…
2 & white, 2013 p.3). However, digital devices can be very distracting and interfere with student’s education. According to a study conducted using a questionnaire for university students, students are very easily distracted on digital devices (McCoy 2013). A further study, conducted by the OECD, looked at students tests results across schools using a variety of different levels of digital learning and found that students are better off using computers in moderation, rather than rarely or frequently (Schleicher, 2015). A study conducted by the Western Australia department of education observed how the use of ipads affects students learning. The academic behavior of 19 different schools, of students in grades 1 and 2 were sampled. The study assessed academic achievements before and after the introduction of ipads in the classrooms, using observations to record how students learnt in non-interactive learning environments and interactive ipad learning environments. The study was further quantified by looking at test results before and after the introduction of ipads in classrooms. Results showed students achieved higher test scores using digital devices (Department of Education WA, 2012). However, this research project had a narrow focus only observing the use of one digital device, ipads, in
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