Use Of Technology And Social Media

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Introduction In many public places such as the mall, restaurant or birthday parties, many of us see technology and social media being used. The growth of technology and social media has evolved drastically and has pushed itself into the modern world and is used as an electronically communication tool. Information spreads and people retain information that is posted on social media. According to Pew Research Center’s article “Social Media Usage:2005-2015”, almost two-thirds of the American adults which composes about 65% of the population, uses social networking sites (Perrin, 2015). Two-thirds of the adult population reflects on the amplification of usage upon teens and upcoming generations. Perrin stresses that social media has affected politics, work, communication patterns, receiving and sharing information about health (2015). In the health care field, technology and social media has been incorporated to be used in being beneficial such as increasing awareness and education on new or known diseases. However, with positive aspects, there are also negative impacts on the use of technology and social media. Ethical and legal means have been placed and integrated into the system to counteract the negative impacts of technology and social media. In this paper, we will explore and discuss safeguards, advantages, disadvantages, legal and ethical concerns regarding the protection of patient’s privacy. HIPAA Information Upon greater usage of smartphones and social media, it has
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