Use Of Technology For Your Benefits

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“Use technology for your benefits, not to get addicted”- Steve Jobs. Life is too short, no one can deny that. Then why are we not enjoying that short life with our family, friends, or beautiful nature? Why is everyone so close to their cellphones instead of their family? There are plenty of questions like this in every mind, but still following the tech trend. We have all observed people who, seemingly, cannot put their phones down and have taken to using their smart devices while walking, driving, and eating. I know that people need to communicate with each other on a certain level. Though connection is a wonderful thing, but still one question arises that relation with tech support is real? There are number of studies out there that discuss potentially harmful effects caused by radiation. Not surprisingly, there have been many studies on cell phone dependence as well. In scientific language there is a word, nomophobia, to refer to people who suffer anxiety when separated from their mobile devices.”Nomophobes tend to have a difficult time turning their phones off, worrying about losing them, and constantly check them for new messages.” Cell Phone Dependence: A New Phenomenon. 17 Feb.2013.Web. 12 Nov. 2015. Some of the major signs are: over-dependence on the device for simple tasks such as calculations, finding meanings or navigation that they could easily perform without the aid of technology. Even using a calculator in phones just for simple logical calculations. This not…
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