Use Of Technology In Small Business

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Using Modern Technology To Improve Small Business Advances in technology over the last couple decades have transformed the way small businesses work and communicate, enabling jobs to be completed faster, more effective and more efficient. Technology has a lot of opportunities for small businesses to make things like marketing and managing a business easier. Small businesses can use business technology and level the playing field with larger businesses. A rising number of small businesses use technology to rise productivity, keep track of expenses, increase profits, and improve employee performance. A large percentage of all small businesses say that technology is helping them to improve. So, how exactly can all this modern technology improve a small business? Time Tracking Software One way to use modern technology to improve a small business is by increasing productivity. Increasing productivity can be done in many ways. One smart cost-effective way is to use time tracking software. These products will allow a business to track employee time and approve it. Managers can see who is working and where and on what projects. Businesses can also keep track of deadlines with this software. Using time tracking software to see where time is being spent can help the business be more productive. In Act 2 Scene 2 of The Merry Wives Of Windsor, William Shakespeare wrote, “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” These are sensible words when thinking about business
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