Use Of Technology Through Online Service Support And A Cloud Storage System

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IT consultant services are on the rise as technology and knowledge is easier to access. Companies, government, non-government institutions, individuals, and organizations each time rely more on IT services, adapting to the changing technology. Making IT consultant companies a more attractive and lucrative business. OxTech will provide to schools all aspects of IT support including network and wireless, website management, server management among others. Also will facilitate the use of technology through online service support and a cloud storage system. This report will analyze external factors, critical in the decision-making of whether to establish or not a new IT company that will provide IT services to schools
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IT consultant services are on the growth as the changing world adapts to the development of technology. The venture of rapid developing technology service in the economy is steadily increasing over the years, due to the advancements of technology the society is facing a new era (Ahmad, 2015). The Oxford City Council (2017), through Oxfordshire Business Enterprises Ltd (OBE), provides guidance for starting up your business in Oxfordshire that will begin as at pre-stage until the industry is already established, it suggests that the maximum of employees is nine. Taking this in consideration, (Ahmad, 2015) suggests, that an IT consultancy has many benefactors as you can work from home where it would reduce the employees to hire, and that as the business grows and makes profit it will be able to hire more specialized employees in the area within time. The economic factor is important to analyze when opening a new local business in Oxfordshire, to understand better how it might impact the business in different aspects. There are many competitors in the IT service industry, over the last years technology has been very attractive for a niche market, even though the UK has a strong economy and the Brexit would have a big impact. Indeed, TechUK, which represents the technology industry in the UK has found that Brexit will affect the UK’s digital sector and have emphasized to
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