Use Of The Atomic Bomb

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Decision to use the Atomic Bomb
By reece farnsworth
The article that I suport was the article supporting the use of the Atomic bomb. This article was written by Michael Barnes. The first argument in the article was that it saved american lives. U.S. Army chief of staff george marshall thought the americans would suffer 31,000 casualties in the first thirty days, while Admiral Ernest King, Chief of naval operations, put them between 31,0000 and 41,000. Chester nimitz, whose staff conducted their own study and estimated 49,000 U.S. casualties in the first 30 days, including 5,000 at sea from kamikaze attacks.
Studies estimating the total U.S. casualties were equally varied and they were just as grim. One of the studies from the joint chiefs
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The study was done by secretary of war stimson predicted five to ten million japanese fatalities. Their was some support for the bomb even among some of the japanese. If the military had its way they would have kept fighting the japanese until all 80 million japanese were dead. A japanese professor recalled that at wars end, due to extreme food rationing he had weighed less that 90 pounds and could scarcely climb a flight of stairs. He said he couldn't have survived another month. The atomic bomb saved him and many japanese. Another concurrent argument supporting the use of the bomb is that its primary objective of shortening the war. The bombs were dropped on August 6th and 9th. The next day the japanese requested a halting of the war. The names of the two atomic bombs that they used were. “Little boy” the bomb used against hiroshima, and the fat man bomb.
Arguments against the dropping of the atomic bomb included that according to the league of nations bombs were allowed to be used but in non-populated areas. The league of nations said the dropping of the atomic bomb was “illegal”. Another argument against dropping the atomic bomb was that it was created for defense only. “According to the article”... even though the United states fought major was in Korea, vietnam,iraq, and afghanistan, nuclear weapons were never again deployed. In other words not using them in those wars has been an admission
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