Use Of The Ipod As A Hard Disk Essay

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How can we use the iPod as a hard disk. Many at times our iPods are used as our storage devices on a certain level. The mode with which we use the iPod to store is to contain our music playlist, podcasts and some videos. We can also try making an iPod disk by manually configuring the device’s settings. Making an iPod disk simply means making your iPod as a hard disk device. You can also use your iPod as a hard disk to store files, back up your important data or transfer files from one computer to another.
It is more effective to manually put an iPod in Disk Mode when trouble-shooting an issues with your iPod. There are various ways of doing this, depending on the model and generation of the iPod.

• Setting Up your iPod Touch.
With the iPod touch, simple, clear and precise steps are outlined below so as to guide you into placing your iPod into a functioning Disk Mode. Step 1.
Connect your iPod it to your computer, then open iTunes if it doesn’t do so automatically.
Step 2.
Locate your iPod in the Source list, then select the iPod Options button at the bottom right of the iTunes window which opens the iPod tab of iTunes’ preferences. it is now already set to work as a hard disk. All you have to do is drag files to the iPod’s icon on your desktop, for Mac and Windows explorer for the Windows users. You may also want to uncheck Open iTunes when this iPod is attached, so you don’t have to worry about iTunes getting in your way each time you want to connect the iPod and

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