Use Of Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

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Communication plays a vital role in our lives every day, whether it is verbal or non-verbal. It helps us to communicate our needs, thoughts, and feelings. In this paper one will analyze the three short film clips of Alice Walker: “Everyday Use”; 1) Dee’s Arrival, 2) Dee’s Conflict, and 3) Quaint Southern Meal. Based on one’s understanding of each film, one will discuss the concept of verbal, and non-verbal communication, as well as the importance of listening skills. Based on the text, communication is the process of sending and receiving messages that allows individuals to share their knowledge and skills. Although most individuals associate communication with speech, it has many other attributes, and it is mainly composed of two essential dimensions that include; verbal and nonverbal communication. Verbal Communication Verbal communication acts is the most essential tool used by human beings to express their thoughts, emotions, ideas, desires, and concepts. The key factors of verbal communication can be associated with sounds, languages and speech in which individuals use to communicate a message. Nonverbal Communication Based on the text, nonverbal communication can be defined as a style of communication without using words. Nonverbal communication includes actions such as facial expression, eye staring, hand motion, touching, and body movement. Lapakko, (1997) maintains that, nonverbal communication is just as important in the human life as verbal communication.
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