Use Of Verbal And Symbolic Languages On The Handmaid 's Tale

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The social nature of humans makes it necessary for the establishment of a system that acts as the channels through which messages and ideas can be passed to the intended people. Language refers to the body of words together with the systems for which the words get used that are familiar to people who live in the same community, geographical region or share the same cultural tradition. Figurative language is a classification that exists within the complex societal settings and is often integrated that compromise of communication general concepts to specific initiatives. Therefore, in addition to spoken language, coded language can be taken by a given society in order to give both the direct and the indirect messages to the intended people. In The Handmaid’s Tale, the Atwood has chosen the use of verbal and symbolic languages to pass across her experience in the past as well as at the time of narration. In the process of narration, she has successfully established various ways through which human language can influence, control and even oppress the society that has adopted the particular language. Names given to individuals always reflect their personality, thoughts and feelings and. Therefore, affect the very fabric of human interactions. When the human naming concept gets violated, the individuals who lose their names part with their identity and even at times show change of character. According to the narrator, Gilead generates an official vocabulary that is used to ignore

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